The Metropolitan Group is a privately owned business known throughout Sri Lanka as being the leader in workplace solutions sector. For 54 years, Metropolitan has remained true to its values, mission and vision, the latter which is ‘A Metropolitan solution in every workplace'. Over the last year, Metropolitan realized that workplace solutions and equipment that exceeds their lifetime needs to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. A failure to do this in a managed and guided manner would cause damage to the environment through their hazardous chemicals, gases, metals and other material. With this in mind, Metropolitan initiated an Eco Office project.

CSR Policy

AS a leading corporate citizen, social responsibility towards the people and the planet we live in is a core in our daily operations. We endorse the practice of 'complete solutions’ by ensuring that our products and equipment are safely disposed once their lifetime is completed. In our role of leadership in the workplace solutions industry, the Group’s CSR ‘EcoOffice’ project, vision for sustainability is simply to ensure safer and healthier working environments for all generations.

Our Partners

  • Central Environment Authority of Sri Lanka (www.cea.lk)

  • As the technical advisor CEA offers advice and guidance on the environmentally safe methods of disposing workplace waste. CEA also supports the project by endorsing the EcoOffice project thereby permitting the use of the CEA logo on EcoOffice related activities and items.

  • Green Links Pvt Ltd

  • As the recycling partner, Green Links is a UN Basel Convention approved company in handling, managing and recycling of electronic waste in keeping with global and UN regulations.

    Our Role

    The Metropolitan Group of Companies has undertaken to identify, collate and separate toxic and non bio-degradable materials from companies and dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner. The Group also conducts awareness creation material and other necessary items required for the project. The Group also undertakes to fund campaigns and other activities that would be deemed necessary for the successful implementation of this project.

    Our Activities

    2011 - Support to national E Waste initiative

    2012 – E waste collection day

    2013 –E-volunteer training workshop

    2014- E waste collection day

    2017 - Metropolitan helps flood victims

    Our AWARDS

    2011 – CEA award and recognition as E waste partner

    2011 – Special project on corporate social responsibility awards 2011 (winner) National chamber of commerce

    2012 – Sri Lanka association for the advancement of science award for contribution for electronic waste disposal

    2013 – Central Environment Authority recondition of e waste management contribution to Sri Lanka

    How to get involved

    If you have any electronic items being dumped or stored in your home or office and don’t know what to do with them, give us a call and we will come and collect your electronic waste so that you and your family/co workers will be saved from toxic gases, chemicals and metals released from malfunctioning and expired electronic goods and consumables.

  • Call Us on 011 4 700 200
  • Email: chaminthat@metropolitan.com