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Sri Lanka’s iconic MD Gunasena printers digitized their printing operation with Metropolitan by embracing the future of printing technology after a hundred years of tradition to offset printing.

The company’s shift towards digital printing came with the need to print small quantities of each book. “With the Canon ImagePRESS, Digital Production press offered we are now able to print small quantities of books, even one book. Unlike the old days of printing a mandatory minimum 1000 books” said Mr. Rajiv Gunasena , Managing Director of MD Gunasena.

The Canon imagePRESS series offers customers with high-quality prints at very low cost. “The Canon imagePRESS series is a game-changing production press with the ability to print maximum paper size of 13 x30 inches. It is currently the world’s best printer when it comes to printing on different media with the ability to print on heavy textured paper “said Hazala Samat - Business Development Manager of Metropolitan Office Pvt Ltd.

Metropolitan together with MD Gunasena have now opened doorways to self-publishing in Sri Lanka giving many talented authors, to finally print and publish your own book.