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Learning has become a fun and entertaining process keeping children interested during class thanks to the introduction of smart and interactive boards in schools.

The Metropolitan smart boards set up in classrooms and labs are also making a significant impact in getting kids integrated into the learning process with better interaction between the teacher and the student, using advanced simulation, touch, animation, and Wi-Fi technology.

Traditional learning has now been converted with classrooms becoming smart rooms where kids and teachers can share concepts digitally, record and import, even print Wi-Fi instead of writing down notes, using advanced technology offered by Metropolitan and Newline, the world’s largest smart board manufacturer.

“Some kids used to be bored during difficult subjects and some used to struggle to understand complex subject matters, but now kids find learning fun and easier to understand, and teachers find explaining complex subjects in interactive graphical imagery simpler and comprehensible,” said Rev. Sharm Dasanayake, Primary Principal of the St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10.

The smart boards have been installed at St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10, Regent International School, Gampaha and all four Gateway International College branches for Multimedia activity room and classroom teaching for advanced students as well as intermediate students.

“Smart boards are the future of teaching and learning. We have already installed smart classroom products for labs and classrooms in leading schools in Sri Lanka and are involved in many ongoing smart classroom projects island-wide” said Wajira De Silva, Manager, Digital Classroom Solutions at Metropolitan.