Information Technology

Metropolitan entered the Information Technology sector in 1980 with the introduction of one of the first personal computers in Sri Lanka. The company also undertook the first computerization project for the Bank of Ceylon, the largest state bank in Sri Lanka. Today more than six decades later Metropolitan is ranked among the top IT companies in Sri Lanka.


Metropolitan has one of the most experienced IT experts who can design configure and commission server-based solutions for any on premise or Cloud based computing requirement. The Company has implemented many data centers and has a vast experience of implementing projects using IBM, HPE and DELL server platforms. The team is certified on Vmware and can build virtualized solution for high performance and high availability.

Computer Workstations

The Company has been representing Acer in Sri Lanka since 1980 and has a comprehensive factory trained technical support team with workshops specially designed for the maintenance of Acer computers. Acer has now become the most sought-after Computer Workstation for the Banking sector, Private sector and the public sector. Special High performance gaming workstations complete the range of Workstations.


The Company markets a range of laptops from the high-performance Swift range of Ultra-thin laptops for business users to the spin range of convertible Laptops that double as TABs for creative users and university students to the Aspire range for everyday computing to tough professional workloads, the Acer brand takes this experience to a new level of design and performance.

Data Networking

Data networking has become the backbone of any company it connects the workstations to the applications running on servers in the data center or cloud. Data networks are now also used for Voice communication and for Door access control and Surveillance applications. Metropolitan have implemented large Local area networks for Campuses and Island wide area networks.

Uninterruptable Power Systems

We provide uninterruptable power supplies ranging from 600VA to 20KVA UPS systems with parallel redundancy.

Data Security solutions

Today when hacking into secure databases and stealing of vital information is common place, data security has become an essential part of any computer network. With access to the Internet becoming essential for business activities it is imperative that the network is secured with Firewalls, Intrusion detection and prevention to Security Operations centers.

Cloud Computing solutions

Metropolitan provides both Private cloud solutions and public cloud solutions from AWS, AZURE and AKAZA.

Virtual Desktop Systems

The company has implemented large Virtual Desktop systems for a large public bank in Sri Lanka connecting more than 900 Virtual desktops to the central servers saving valuable resources while maintaining full control and management.

Data Center Solutions

Metropolitan has a specialized team for designing and building customer specific Datacenters. The Data solution solutions include, Raised floors, Precision Air-conditioning, Uninterruptable Power supplies, Smart cabinets with sensors for monitoring, Temperature, Humidity, Air flow, water leaks. The company also provides solutions for fire detection and Fire protection using special gases such as NOVEC gas. Datacenter Management Information systems provides detailed information of the health of the datacenter and the data center efficiency in real time.

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Communication Sector

Voice Communication systems

We entered the communication sector in 1979, and partnered with the best-of-breed technology providers such as Mitel, NEC, Huawei and Cisco. We specialize in designing and building innovative solution that are highly customized to suit each customer, and have provided communication solutions for the Defence sector, government and private sectors. Today the company specializes in IP telephony solutions, ranging from a few hundred ports to Private Defence Communication Networks with over 10,000 ports linking all parts of the country.

Multimedia Call Centers

We provide our customers with multimedia contact centers that enable them to interact with their customers via voice calls, social media, web chat and email so that they can improve customer service and customer retention.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice response systems can automate the information provided to customers by using voice guidance and text to speech so that information can be read out to customers directly from a database. The company has developed IVR systems in English Sinhala, Tamil and Bengali.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

The company has implemented many surveillance solutions ranging from Colombo City Surveillance for the Ministry of Defense, Safeguarding the artifacts at the Colombo Museum to providing 24 x 7 Surveillance for the Vault at the Central bank that contain the Gold reserves and currency of Sri Lanka

Video Analytics

The Company complements the surveillance systems using the latest state of the art video analytics such as Facial Recognition, Number plate recognition, Perimeter crossing detection, crowd detection and Machine learning. Video Analytics provide actionable intelligence to Surveillance systems.

Mission Critical Networks

Metropolitan have an enviable track record of providing complex communication Solutions in the most demanding environments in Sri Lanka, UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This reputation that the company enjoys has been built over a period of 40 years of innovation and service.

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Imaging and Printing Solutions

Metropolitan has taken imaging and printing solutions to a new zenith in Sri Lanka. One example is the Driving license project, where we scanned over 30 million pages of applications and used optical character recognition to extract the contents for processing. Another is the printing of all the GCE O/ Level exam papers, which are printed using cutting edge digital printing technology.

The company has the privilege of being entrusted with the printing of highly confidential documents such as the annual budget proposal at the Ministry of Finance premises, where 1000 copies of the 300 page budget proposal is printed, sorted and bound within a print window of 6 hours to be ready for the Parliament sittings. This task has been successfully executed by Metropolitan for eight consecutive years.


Metropolitan partnered with Canon Inc in 1976 and is Canon’s sole sales and service partner in Sri Lanka. We offer a complete and comprehensive range of printers for any format of printing.


Since digitization and storage of documents in digital form has become a requirement for most businesses, we offer a complete range of scanners from flatbed scanners, to duplex high speed rotary scanners and automated optical book scanners. The scanning applications include optical character recognition so that the contents of the documents scanned can also be stored as searchable text documents.

Multi-function Copiers

As offices become more compact and space is at a premium, Metropolitan provides multi-functional copiers that can be networked for easy access by multiple users. These versatile machines can work as high quality printers, copiers and scanners, and some have the Fax capability built in as well.

High-volume Digital Printing

As digital printing technology evolves, the cost per copy for digital printing is getting closer to that of offset printing. Now print houses are using solutions from Metropolitan for high-volume digital printing, taking advantage of the high quality, security of printing, and the ability to make changes during the print run.

Large format printing

Large format printing enables us to print posters for hoardings in vibrant colour and near photo quality, resulting in advertising images that can grab the attention of their target audience.

Print-on-demand and Outsourced printing

Our Print Hub undertakes outsourced printing assignments, where customers simply email documents and images to us, and we print, bind and delivered the printouts to the customer’s doorstep, for ultimate customer convenience.

Industrial Printing

With the advancements in digital printing technology, the packaging industry in Sri Lanka has evolved to international standards. Metropolitan provides innovative solutions for industrial printing from our best-of-breed partners.

Document Management systems

Digitalisation and storage of information now offer companies the ability to not only instantly retrieve documents but also to analyse the data to reap valuable insights and business intelligence. Metropolitan has a range of document management systems and a team of experts who are ready to guide any organisation through the digitalisation process.

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Inbuilding Solutions

Time and Attendance

At a time when employees are increasingly working from home or on a roster basis, our biometric time and attendance systems are adapting to facilitate the new normal. Metropolitan has introduced facial-recognition based time attendance systems that recognise employees even while wearing masks. We also offer mobile apps that enable employees to use their phone cameras together with location data to report when they are working from home. These solutions can help businesses to operate more smoothly during this challenging period.

Access Control Systems

Biometric access control systems use RFID tags, facial recognition and non-contact biometric recognition to allow controlled access to specific areas of a building. We have implemented secure biometric access control systems for high-security areas of the Defence sector.

Lighting Control systems

Advance lighting control systems are used to provide the optimal lighting for employees to function comfortably and efficiently. It also enables employees to control the ambient lighting for presentations and meetings. Energy efficient lighting and intelligent lighting controls enable businesses to minimise wastage of energy, which can significantly reduces electricity costs and make the business more environmentally responsible.

Split-type Air conditioning

Metropolitan has a specialised team for providing air conditioning systems for residences and businesses using split-type air conditioning. The team carefully computes the required capacity for optimum efficiency and minimum operational costs, while being mindful of air quality and CO2 levels necessary to maintain a healthy environment that is comfortable to work in.

Central plant Air Conditioning

Metropolitan has implemented large scale air conditioning projects using York central plant technology at facilities including BIA Airport, the Convention Centre and many prestigious hotels. While these air conditioning systems are energy efficient, they also ensure that adequate fresh air is infused into the interior environment to ensure optimal air quality.

Cold rooms

Cold rooms are used to maintain controlled, sub-zero temperatures over long periods. We have implemented specialised solutions ranging from medical cold rooms for blood banks to industrial cold rooms for the Department of Fisheries.

Building Management Systems

A team of expert engineers’ plan design and implement building management systems that integrate with all ELV sub systems and provide a centralized system that can monitor and control all sub systems within a building. Building management systems also prevent catastrophic failures by providing early warnings when any parameter exceeds the preset thresholds.

Elevators and Travelators

Metropolitan supplies elevators from Shanghai Mitsubishi that are of very high quality, while being energy-efficient and cost-effective. The number of installations in Sri Lanka has grown rapidly over the last four years. When it comes to horizontal transportation, the company offers a range of travelators that are used in modern airports and convention centres.

Standby Power Generators

Standby power is a critical requirement of any business. Metropolitan has provided standby power solutions ranging from a few Kilowatts used by small businesses to over 100 Megawatts used by large corporates, harbours and utility companies.

Energy Management Solutions

The company has a certified team of engineers who perform energy audits that help our customers understand their energy consumption. These audits have helped our customers to optimise energy consumption and make significant savings.

Car parking systems

With the congestion on our roads, parking has become an important consideration. With multi-story car parks, finding a free parking slot can be a challenge. Metropolitan has implemented comprehensive car park systems that have visual indications of parking slots, and allow customers to locate their vehicles using number plate recognition. They also provide car park management systems to enable efficient collection of parking fees. These solutions have been installed in some of the leading private hospitals in Sri Lanka

Under-vehicle scanners

Sri Lanka has faced multiple threats from those promoting terror. Metropolitan provide innovative under-vehicle scanners that scan the under carriage of vehicles as they drive past and generate alarms if any foreign objects attached to the vehicle are detected.

Fire Detection and Fire protection

Metropolitan now provides a complete range of fire detection and protection systems for domestic and industrial use.

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Special Purpose Fitouts

The organization undertakes shell and core fit-outs for businesses with special requirements as in the case of the new Passenger Seating at the Bandaranaike International Airport Sri Lanka (BIA), Design & Build Baggage Handling System for the BIA Departure & Arrival Terminals the design and build Passenger Check-in Counters for BIA Sri Lanka. Design & Build Colombo City CCTV Security & Traffic Surveillance Solution for SL Police, the Design and Build of complete High Definition Digital video editing Broadcast Enable Studios, Engineering & Technical Training Equipment and Teaching Solutions for Universities, Technical Colleges etc

Metropolitan also undertakes Category B fit-outs where customers need to customize existing buildings with special requirements like in the case of the new passenger seating at the BIA.

Board Room & Auditorium Solutions

Metropolitan undertakes the design and build seating for Board rooms, Parliaments, Cinema/Theater halls and Auditoriums this include the audiovisual systems smart podiums, Collaboration platform for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom etc. We also provide special purpose furniture and acoustic carpets and cladding for a turn key solution. Ministry of Finance :Miloda” Convention Building, SL Institute Development Administration (SLIDA), In Universities etc

Purpose Built Check-in Counters

The company was entrusted the task to Fit out the BIA with industry standard Check in Counters that was integrated to the weigh bridges and baggage belts, these check in counters are in use today. Design and Installation with NKI Holland

Office Fitout Solutions

Metropolitan implemented the Office Interior Solutions for Ministry of Finance New Wing, Ministry of Defense New Defense Complex SL Army bld, Ministry of Highways, Ministry of Agriculture, Dental Institute, National Blood Bank Building, Colombo District Secretariat, Census & Statistics, Western Provincial Council New Premises, SL Customs New Building etc.

Steel Compact File Storage Solutions

Metropolitan implemented the Steel File Storage Compactors First time in Sri Lanka for SL Customs New Building, Western Provincial Council New Building and Ministry of Finance.

Baggage Handling Solutions

Metropolitan designed and installed the entire baggage handling system for the BIA with the support of the Airport and Aviation services and Toyo Kanetsu Solutions of Japan

Sports Stadium Seating

Metropolitan Project team implemented the stadium seating for the Kethatarama International Cricket stadium and the Suriya Wawa International Cricket stadium as s turn key fit out for the Ministry of Sport

Colombo City CCTV Security & Traffic Surveillance Solution

With Consultants from University of Moratuwa, SL Police Contracted Metropolitan & O’Connor’s Singapore to implement for the First Colombo City CCTV Surveillance Project in 2009.

Automated retractable stadium Seating

Metropolitan implemented a retractable seating solution for the university of Oluvil such that an indoor sports stadium could be converted to an auditorium with the simple click of a switch. This allows the university to better use this building due to its dual-purpose capability.

Digital High-Definition Video recording Studios

The projects team designed and build Sri Lanka’s first High Definition (HD) & MPEG4 Digital editing studio for the Open university of Sri Lanka. This studio was built with the collaboration with O’Connor’s of Singapore and is used to teach the students Digital content capture, Storage and Editing techniques.

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Metropolitan is the undisputed leader in the field of Photography and related products in Sri Lanka. Metropolitan is the catalyst in the rapid development of Photography in Sri Lanka. The Company is the exclusive sales and service partner for Canon in Sri Lanka for over four decades. Metropolitan introduces state of the art technology to provide the most advanced Digital cameras that brings out the best of its user’s imagination and creativity. Canon employs state of the art technology which delivers excellent high quality images under challenging conditions,

Metropolitan organizes several workshops and photo contests in partnership with photographic associations as well as with youth organizations and the media units of various schools. These programs are aimed to develop and improve techniques, as well as to create forums for sharing of best practices. Workshops on improving photography skills and how to optimize your camera equipment are often conducted with renowned international and local experts.

The Canon Image Square located in the heart of Colombo at our Corporate office, is the flagship store for enthusiasts to experience first-hand and ‘touch and try’ the full range of Canon cameras, lenses, accessories and be served by our friendly staff who display a professional and consultative sales approach.

All equipment carries the Manufacturer’s warranty and our Service Center is geared to ensure that equipment down time is minimal. Only Canon approved tools for precision technical adjustments by our factory trained, fully qualified Canon Certified technical team are used, to ensure and protect the investment of our valued customers.

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Personal & SME Solutions

The management of Metropolitan identified the need to have professionally qualified and friendly staff located within close proximity to the customers so that they could be assisted to configure and select IT equipment effectively.

The company launched the first mCenter in 2008

mCenters by Metropolitan offers a complete range of equipments from Computer workstations, Laptops, Printers, scanners, copiers, computer accessories, Printer Cartridges Power supplies, Generators and Air conditioners.

Each mCenter is equipped with Qualified technical staff capable of servicing equipment and supporting our valued customers.

Everything you need under One Platform !

Infrastructure Projects

The Projects Sector of Metropolitan Group is a Professional Unit Specializing in the Design, Development, Producing, Supply & Implementation of Turn – Key Infra Structure Engineering Projects, Office Interior & Furniture, Technical Training Equipment & Panels, Engineering Tools & Machinery in partnership with world renowned manufacturers and partners.

Together with our overseas partners, the Projects Division of the Metropolitan Group has successfully contracted and executed a diverse range of prestigious contracts for the government of Sri Lanka. Some of the projects worthy of mention are listed below.

Metropolitan draws on the strength of employees across all of the companies in the group and creates project teams that come together to provide a solution to a customer. Thereafter the project is allocated to the company providing the largest stake for management and support.

Total Passenger Baggage Handling Solution Total Passenger Baggage Handling Solution {BHS} for Departure & Arrival Terminals at Bandaranaike International Airport

National Smart Card Based Driver’s Licence Project

The Department of Motor Traffic identified the need for a new driving license system in 2005 and took the initiative to call for international tenders for the implementation of a new user-friendly driving license system that would use the state-of-the-art microprocessor-based smartcard technology. After an exhaustive evaluation process, this project was awarded to Metropolitan Office who partnered with Face Technologies and Austria Card.

The Driving license project was awarded to Metropolitan Advanced Technologies on a Build Own and Transfer (BOT) Basis. Metropolitan Advanced Technologies invested in the computerization of the DL system and provided all hardware including the Data center and Disaster recovery site. The Government awarded the contract for 7 years with a guaranteed minimum volume of 25,000 cards per month.

The Solution

The state-of-the-art smartcard-based driving license contains a microchip that carries driver information that includes a digital photograph, two fingerprints and digital signature. The card also contains additional information such as the driver’s blood group and medical information for use during emergencies. The information on the smart card Driving license card is laser engraved and has high-tech security features such as optically variable ink, holograms, guilloches and micro printing. All information stored on the on-board chip is encrypted with the latest encryption technology.

A streamlined computerized driving license management system was implemented so that applicants can obtain the driving license with ease. All biometric information such as the photograph, digital signature and fingerprints is captured directly when the application is submitted. The license is processed, personalized and posted to the applicant within two weeks a priority same-day service has been implemented for the convenience of the public. The on-line driving license system has been extended to four regions and smart card personalization is undertaken in Werahera, Anuradhapura and Hambantota. Online centers were created in Kurunegala, Kaluthara, Gampaha, Anuradhapura, Hambantota, Jaffna, Kandy,Monaragala. The Primary datacenter was built at Werahera with the Disaster recovery site in Narahenpita.

Offline application Processing

Offline applications are accepted from regions that do not have access to the on-line system. Paper based applications are filled out by the applicant. These off line application forms are accepted by the DMT and processed. Once the applicant passes the written test and the driving test the applications are sent to the offline processing facility in Werahera. These off line forms are scanned and all information is extracted using the latest OCR and OMR technology. The information is verified and then the application is processed and the smart card driving license is produced.

Driving license system was managed by Metropolitan for eleven years and over 6.2 Million Driving licenses were issued and over 24 Million documents were scanned and stored in the data base and a repository of 24Mn fingerprints were captured in the fingerprint database.

After the conclusion of 11 years the project was handed over to the Department of Motor traffic together with all the databases, hardware and source code The company worked closely with the Sri Lanka Army and trained the IT Team from the Army to continue printing the Sri Lanka Driving license.

The company continues to support the Department of Motor Traffic and the Sri Lanka Army and has been received service contracts to maintain the Smart Card printers and Software Application.

Surveillance system for the City of Colombo

The company was entrusted to design and build the surveillance system for the city of Colombo for the Ministry of defense. Cameras were installed at strategic locations within the city . The company designed and built the Data center for the storage of video footage and the Control room with the video wall. Officers can zoom in using the high-resolution cameras that can be controlled remotely. This project was implemented to gather with Sri Lanka Telecom who provided the fiber connectivity up to the cameras post. This surveillance system that has been in operation since 2010 has made the city of Colombo safer.

Island wide defense communication systems

Metropolitan was entrusted to build the island wide communication system for the Sri Lanka Navy and the Sri Lanka Airforce, the company has been working closely with the Defense forces to implement strategic communication infrastructure for more than thirty years and continue to implement innovative cost affective secure mission critical communications solution for voice data and video.

Surveillance systems

Metropolitan was entrusted the task of implementing the surveillance solution for the Central Bank. Complex video analytics algorithms assist the security officers maintain security in these high security.

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