• Metropolitan, as a team is committed to provide quality products and services in Sri Lanka, which meet or exceed the requirements and expectations at an affordable price to all clients ensuring stakeholders and clients satisfaction. This is achieved by monitoring of all processes with the support of valuable suppliers, sub-contractors and by compliance of National (National & local government legislations) supply chain legislations ensuring harmony with the employees, stakeholders and the environment.

  • By encouraging and enabling culture, we promote creativity , innovation and knowledge management to continually improve process outputs and outcomes. Actively pursue quality improvements through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.
  • High quality is an integrated part Metropolitan's management System. Our Quality Management System documents the coordination of processes within our Organisation.
  • We always focus on our clients and the corporation between our customers, clients, suppliers, stakeholders (Both internal and External) and employees.
  • We are always committed to continual improvement of the Quality Management System of Metropolitan Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Expert Support

All our engineering and technical staff are trained by our global principals to take care of your machines and provide state of the art solutions. Our technical crew includes qualified BSc engineers and technical certificate holders as well as long experience staff proficient in every category of our product range.

Speedy Response

We maintain the speediest response time in service interruption for Colombo and Colombo suburbs ensuring least interruption to your business. With our dedicated call centre and mobile service units, Metropolitan ensures that our valued customers never have to wait.

24X7 Call Center

We provide technical support around the clock through our 24 hour call center. Trained to attend your need, the call center will make sure that whatever the requirement is support is on its way.


With our advanced E-maintenance service, we provide automated service and breakdown alerts that prevent delays due to consumables running out or machine failures.

Stand-by Machines

With the option to collect a stand by machine, we ensure our clients business runs smoothly. A stand by machine is offered to customers who opt for the service in case major breakdown ensuring smooth workflow

Workshops and Service Centers

Acer Computers

0114700200 Ext: 5911 mcentresupport@metropolitan.lk

Building Management System

0114700200 Ext: 3827 projects_bms@metropolitan.lk

Canon Printer

011470200 Ext: 6850 unityservice@metropolitan.lk

Canon DR & CR Scanners

0114700200 Ext: 5569 pradeepj@metropolitan.lk


0114700395 | 0718395395 cameraservice@metropolitan.lk

Canon Photocopier

01124700200 Ext: 3929 dulari.w@metropolitan.lk

Digital Duplicators

0114700200 Ext: 3874 dcp_support@metropolitan.lk


011 4700200 Ext: 3970 ecrservice@metropolitan.lk

Faxes & All-In-One Devices

0114700200 Ext: 4982 tyronei@metropolitan.lk


011 47000500 servicediv2.mepl@metropolitan.lk

PABX, Key Telephone, IPTV, Security Surveillance and Data

011 4700222 callcenter@metropolitan.lk

Production and Graphic Art

Telephone: 011 4700200 Ext: 3564 maheshp@metropolitan.lk

Printronix Support

0112437797 Ext:5656 techsupport@metropolitan.lk

York Split Air Conditioner

0114700308 Ext: 4893 acservice@metropolitan.lk

York Central Air Conditioning

0114 700200 marl_projects@metropolitan.lk


We recognize that a reputation for excellence must be earned every day; so we have created and implemented “The Metropolitan Promise”